With the support received from our school, NYP Taekwondo has been participating in various competitions and tournaments which served as platforms for students to gain experiences and together, learn and improve with people who enjoy the martial art.

Taekwondo Open Championship 5-7 March 2010
Overall Position: 4th
Alex Teh Hao YangChil Jang TeamGold
Cheiw Su KhengChil Jang TeamGold
Rayner QuekChil Jang TeamGold
Alex Teh Hao YangMale Brown FeatherGold
Rayner QuekMale Brown FlySilver
Catherine Ong Zhi HuiFemale Brown FlySilver
Nixon NgMale Black Middle HeavySilver
Benny TeoMale Black FlyBronze
Cheiw Su KhengMale Brown BantamBronze
Chng JiashengMale Brown Fin Silver

National Tournament 6th Sept 09
Sparring team:
Low Jun Jie JayMale BlackGold
Alex Teh Hao YangMale BrownGold
Joe Kwan Wai LeongMale BrownBronze
Tan Mei QinFemale BrownGold

National Poomsae Championship 30th Aug 09
Seah Wan DinFemale E-Green 6Silver
Sim Chai Lin Female E-Green 6Bronze
Ko Wen Xin Female E-Blue 3 Gold
Catherine Ong Zhi Hui Female E-Brown 2Gold
Tan Mei Qin Female E-Brown 1Silver
Chua Pei Shan Female E-Brown 1Bronze
Girlene Tan Female G-Black Gold
Cheiw Su Kheng Male E-Green 6Bronze
Daniel Tan Male E-Green 6Bronze
Joe Kwan Male E-Brown 2Bronze
Alex Teh Male E-Brown 1Gold
Brian Peh Male F-Black Gold
Cheiw Su Kheng and Seah Wan Din Pair E-Green 6Gold
Joe Kwan and Catherine Ong Pair E-Brown 2Gold
Brian Peh and Girlene Tan Pair F-Black Gold

Taekwondo Open Championship 27th Feb 2009 
Ong Zhi Hui Catherine Blue Belt Bronze
Lau Hui Ying Blue Belt Bronze
Ko Wen Xin Blue Belt Bronze
Chua Pei Shan Brown Belt Bronze
Cai Yong Jun Brown Belt Bronze
Ho Tim Loong Brown Belt Bronze